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Did you know: Management has these seven responsibilities when it comes to first aid?

by , 01 October 2014
It's a legal requirement for your company to have at least one first aider if you have ten employees.

They have day-to-day duties including treating non-fatal wounds and checking the stock in the first aid kit.

And also have emergency responsibilities involving treating anyone with injuries and getting them to the paramedics.

What you might not know is, your first aiders aren't the only ones with first aid responsibilities.

Your management actually has seven responsibilities when it comes to first aid too...


Your management has seven responsibilities when it comes to your company's first aid

1. Your management must select first aiders the workforce as follows: 
Management should test their natural response to blood and wounds prior to final selection.
They must also consult with the potential first aiders on their willingness to be a first aider.
2. Management must arrange training with an approved training service provider so the company can responsibility provide training to the first aiders.
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3. On completion of training, management must hand over the first aiders' certificate of competence. Management must also keep copies of the.
4. They must complete and signed off an official letter of appointment.
5. Management must give the original letter to the first aider and keep the duplicate copy.
6. The letter of appointment must include all duties and responsibilities management requires of the First Aider.
7. Finally, management must issue the first aider with a first aid kit and she must sign an issue control form for it.
Management needs to manage the first aiders and ensure they fulfil their responsibilities properly. It's their responsibility to ensure the first aiders they select can do the job and do it well. Otherwise, they need to take steps to appoint other first aiders who can do it properly.
Ensure your management staff fulfils their responsibilities to keep your first aid programme running smoothly.

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Did you know: Management has these seven responsibilities when it comes to first aid?
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