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Follow these 2 steps to carry out effective health and safety audits

by , 17 November 2015
You should be carrying out a legal-compliance audit on all your health and safety systems at least once a year. Doing this helps spot any problems in your health and safety systems, which can prevent any future problems from occurring. The logic behind its importance is somewhat self-evident, and yet its process is not necessarily straightforward.

What do I mean by that?

Well, it's simple - there is planning which is required BEFORE you can carry out a health and safety audit. Read on to find out exactly why and what you need to prepare for your audit


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Why must you plan for your audits?

As with many things in life, planning is essential, and doing so for health and safety audits is no exception.

Planning for them shows a proactive attitude towards your audits, instead of a misaligned reactive approach.

So what can you do?

There are 2 simple tips which you can follow in planning for your audits. They are…


When you are looking at conducting an audit, it's vital that you communicate your intentions to all employees and managers who could be expected to take part in it.


Hold a pre-audit meeting.

The purpose of this meeting is so that the auditor can explain the scope of the audit. She will let the managers know exactly what she may require from them, as well as to lay out an order of events for the day of the audit.

These 'order of events' can refer to various phases in collecting relevant information for the audit. In other words, the auditor can set aside
times on the day for interviews with employees as well as for observations.

Planning for your health and safety audits is key to them being successful. It can help towards the actual audit's overall efficacy. If you plan well enough in advance, you can find that your audit can get done quite quickly.

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Follow these 2 steps to carry out effective health and safety audits
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