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Follow these 4 steps once you've identified hazards in the workplace

by , 16 February 2016
As an employer, you have many duties that need to be fulfilled in order to ensure the overall health and safety of your employees in the workplace

And of those health and safety obligations you are expected to carry out, one of the most important has to be the relevant information, instruction, training and supervision of your employees in the workplace.

This means that once you've identified all hazards and risk control measures, you must ensure that the following 4 steps are carried out...

Step#1: Induction training

Ensure that all new employees undergo induction training so as to be aware of all the risks in the workplace.

Step#2: Document procedures

While making your employees fully aware of all the risks in the workplace is a definite step in the right direction, it's not enough!

You should also provide procedures for those risks.

In other words, for all tasks that are high-risk, you should document their procedures so that all employees have a standard reference source to carry them out in an effective, efficient and ultimately SAFE manner.
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Step#3: Procedure training

Once you have created and provided the procedures, you must then ensure that all of your employees have been PROPERLY trained according to them.

Step#5: Ensure supervisors' competence

Make sure that your supervisors are competent so as to ensure that your employees are guided correctly in ensuring their health and safety in the workplace.
*So, those were 4 steps you should follow when it comes to your health-and-safety duty of instructing, training and supervising employees in the workplace.

To learn more of your health-and-safety obligations as an employer, page over to chapter E 01: Employer obligations in your Health and Safety Advisor handbook.

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Follow these 4 steps once you've identified hazards in the workplace
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