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Follow these seven steps to create health and safety procedures that comply with the OHS Act

by , 29 October 2014
To get your company to comply with OHS Act regulations you must create health and safety procedures.

These are the rules and guidelines your company must follow for safe work.

Even though this may sound complicated, it really isn't that difficult to create health and safety procedures.

You can get this done quickly and easily just by following these seven steps...


Create effective health and safety procedures in just seven steps

Step #1: Before you plunge into writing your procedures, take time to write up:
- A brief introduction;
- Explanation of the purpose of the procedures;
- The scope of the procedures; and
- The significance of the new or revised procedures. 
Step #2: Create an outline for all the procedures. You need to be very precise in your procedures so take the time to draw up a list of all the procedures you'll need and the details for each one.  This helps you save time and effort because it ensures you focus on exactly the procedures you need.
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Step #3: Start writing out the procedures and use precise words that mean something to you. Avoid using long or complicated words and sentences that are vague and confusing. 
Step #4: When you finish writing the procedures, create a summary of them. Compare the text with the introduction and your objectives to see if all your procedures do their jobs.  
Step #5: Ask one of your managers to do a dry test on your procedures by trying to follow them.
Step #6: Check your writing for spelling and grammar mistakes. After all, nothing looks worse than a formal business document that's full of spelling errors. 
Step #7: When you distribute your procedures ensure your employees sign to say they read it and understand it.
It's easy to create effective health and safety procedures if you just follow these seven steps.
Check out the Health and Safety Advisor for more on how to create your health and safety procedures. 

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Follow these seven steps to create health and safety procedures that comply with the OHS Act
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