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Here's how to identify which of your employees are at risk of HIV exposure

by , 05 November 2014
To protect your employees from HIV/AIDS, you have to assess their risk of possible HIV infections at work.

Once you know which of your employees have the highest HIV exposure risk, you can train them about HIV prevention and give them special protective gear.

Here's how to determine which of your employees face the highest risk of HIV infection...


Do these three things to determine which employees have a high HIV exposure risk

1. Look at your employee's job description. Does he have to work closely with people, especially when they're sick or are bleeding? 
If he does, he has a very high exposure risk.
This applies whether your employee is a structural engineer with first aid duties or a paramedic.

2. The next thing you need to do to determine your employee's exposure risk is to look at who he comes into contact with. 
Do you know the HIV status of the people he treats? 
If you do, his risk is lower because he'll know when to take extra precautions. 
If you don't have this information, your employee must apply the same protective measures no matter who he treats. 
Note: Its better, however, to tell your employees to take the highest precautionary measures every time.
Here's the last thing you must do to determine your employees HIV exposure risk.
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Reduce the impact of HIV on your workforce

How you may ask?

By educating your employees on:
  •     How to prevent HIV;
  •     How to prevent spreading it;
  •     How to work with HIV or Aids; and
  •     How to manage HIV or Aids.
You can minimise the effect their health and HIV status has on your business!

And we have the ultimate tool to help you do just that! 


The last thing you need to do to work out your employee's HIV exposure risk

3. The last thing you need to do is look at your employee's previous training on handling bodily fluids. If your employee doesn't have any training on how to handle these fluids safely, his risk is even higher. 
Bottom line: Determining your employee's HIV exposure risk requires you to consider three different points. Carefully assess each one to determine your employees risk level.
Check out the Health and Safety Advisor for more tips on how to deal with HIV in your workplace. 

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Here's how to identify which of your employees are at risk of HIV exposure
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