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If your employees are up all night watching the world cup, it could lead to a costly workplace accident

by , 24 June 2014
As we know, the Soccer World Cup is currently on in Brazil. Thanks to the time difference, this means here in South Africa, we only see the games between 6pm and 2am.

South African's have a definite love of soccer and this means some people choose to stay up all night to watch the games.

And while your employees can do what they like in their free time, their lack of sleep may lead to a massive workplace accident.

To ensure this doesn't happen to you, look out for these signs of severe sleep deprivation...

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 Sleep deprivation is a major health and safety hazard

Sleep deprivation has played a big role in disasters in recent history, according to WebMD.com. This because a lack of sleep can 'dumb you down' and makes it harder to think clearly and quickly.
That's why it's so dangerous for your employees to work without having proper sleep. If they find themselves in a situation where they could have a fatal accident, they may not be able to react fast enough to protect themselves.
The best way for you to protect them from this health and safety disaster is by looking out for these symptoms of sleep deprivation...
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Look out for these signs of sleep deprivations

According to examinar.com, some of the signs of chronic lack of sleep are:
- Short term memory loss;
- Aches and pains;
- Delayed reactions; and 
- Loss of focus and understanding.
If any of your employees display one or more of these tiredness symptoms, you must act fast to ensure they don't have or cause a serious accident. 

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If your employees are up all night watching the world cup, it could lead to a costly workplace accident
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