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Is a lack of supervision the reason your workplace is a safety hazard?

by , 22 August 2014
Do you know what happens on your construction site when management isn't around? Or what happens when your safety officers take extended lunch breaks?

The truth is you won't know what happens until there's an accident. Then, it'll suddenly turn out that someone did something while there weren't any supervisors around.

When there's no one to ensure your employees do their job properly, it's possible that they could cut corners to get their work done faster. This can lead to all kinds of hazards.

So ask yourself, 'Is there a lack of supervision on my construction site?'


Here's how to determine if there's a lack of supervision on your construction site

If you want to determine where or not your managers and safety officers are doing their job when it comes to keeping your employees safe, you must monitor them.
To do this, you can ask them to keep a logbook of what they do during the day and how much time they spend in different sectors of your site.
You may find that they only spend a short amount of time in each area and constantly move around a lot.
Or it could show that their breaks are too long and they spend too much time away from their duties.
Here's how to solve both these safety problems.
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Here's how to solve your supervision problem

If these logbooks show your safety officers or managers move around a lot, it could be that there aren't enough of them to monitor your entire workplace effectively. You can appoint more safety officers in this case. This will help carry the load and ensure all sectors of your business have proper supervision. 
If you find your safety officers and managers take too many long breaks, reprimand them and keep monitoring them. If this habit continues, you must discipline them.
These steps will go a long way to ensure your employees work safely and properly under constant supervision. 

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