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Know this common way that incidents lead to accidents and take action!

by , 13 February 2017
Workplace incidents usually consist of no real harm or loss, but a workplace accident does!

An accident in the workplace in the workplace can happen at any moment. They can create a lot of stress for you because thousands, even millions in Compensation claims may need to be paid out.

Also, investigations by the Department of Labour around the accident may even lead to your company shutting down.

So it is very important to ensure that you understand what to do and take action in order to minimise chances of a workplace accident occurring.

In understanding the following way in which an incident can lead to an accident, you can take necessary action in preventing a workplace accident from occurring:

Risk Assessments:

If you haven't performed a risk assessment correctly, you are at risk yourself your employees will not be able to function in a safe manner. 

As part of your control of loss in your risk assessment, you must train all of your employees of the safety rules and regulations you have put in place.

So by not carrying out a risk assessment and training your employees, incidents can very easily lead to accidents. 


The only risk-assessment tool you'll ever need!

Written in plain, easy-to-understand English, Risk Assessments: The 100% legally compliant risk assessment toolkit CD will remove all the confusion and grey areas around managing risk in your company.

It'll give you invaluable information like:

The 8 laws you MUST comply with for risk assessments
The 4 types of risk assessments you must do and how to conduct each one
How to identify the hazards in your work environment
The 7 common types of hazards you need to take into account
3 Types of precautionary measures you can take after your risk assessment
How to identify hazardous chemicals in the workplace
And so much more!

Risk Assessments: The 100% legally compliant risk assessment toolkit is the only resource you'll need to make sure you've done everything you possibly can to make your employees are safe and comply with the OHSA.
So don't fall victim to this overlooked understanding because all health and safety aspects link together in order to minimise and prevent incidents and, ultimately, accidents from occurring in the workplace. 

To learn more of incidents and accidents in the workplace, click below and gain access to a fantastic source on all health and safety topics…


Health and safety has never been this easy!
With the Health and Safety Advisor you'll:

Have peace of mind knowing you have the correct understanding of the OHS Act;
Know how to correctly apply the laws in your workplace;
Avoid penalties devastating to your budget (can reach over R100 000!);
Meet the DoL's accepted standards;
Get rid of stress related to safety; and
Have peace of mind that your employees are working in conditions of maximum safety and health at work.

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Know this common way that incidents lead to accidents and take action!
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