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Save your business thousands by using proactive ergonomics in your office!

by , 03 September 2013
Did you know the number of Work-Related Muskoskeletal Disorders, like carpal tunnel syndrome, eye strain and back pain, are increasing? Because most companies work with computers, we have a host of new health concerns. This can cost your business thousands.

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In the U.S they are reporting 650,000 work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs). This is costing companies up to 20 billion dollars! You can avoid these injuries and save thousands of Rands. Simply implement basic ergonomic principles in your workplace. Read on to see what ergonomics is and the five common ergonomic errors your employees could be making.


Your 1 527 health and safety duties as an employer

By law, you have to maintain a safe and healthy working environment. This includes identifying hazards, removing hazards, reducing hazards that can't be removed, managing hazards and making sure you keep records.

We'll give you 1000 point checklist, sample forms and templates, and step-by-step actionable advice to make this onerous task a simple one. We'll make sure you manage your hazards 100% by the book with this one tool.


Ergonomics is the science of fitting job functions to the physical capabilities of the human body. Your employees can suffer musculoskeletal disorders if they try doing a job that they can't do. Here are five basic errors your employees could be making, and putting themselves at risk.

Five ergonomic mistakes your employees could be making
  1. Don't slouch: Sit up straight in your chair and check that your chair is at the correct height and angle.
  2. Don't hold the phone between your head and shoulder: This strains your neck. Rather use a headset or keep your head straight whilst talking on the phone.
  3. Minimise the glare from your screen: This can strain your eyes. Check the lighting in your office and get screen glare protectors where needed.


The one health and safety tip that could save your company thousands this year

You think that implementing health and safety in your company is going to cost too much money. What if I told you that it could SAVE you thousands of rands, maybe even millions?

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  1. Increase your font size: Small fonts strain your eyes and force you to hunch forward. This puts pressure on your eyes, back and even your nerves.
  2. Take rest breaks: You should be taking a 30 second break for every 15 minutes of typing. Stretch your legs, rest your eyes and then go back to your computer.

We have a whole chapter on Ergonomics in our Health and Safety Advisor. See Chapter E07/001 for more on how you can prevent injuries and reduce your costs.

Until next time,

Louise Harty
Senior Product Manager: Health & Safety

PS – If you are serious about reducing the risks in your workplace, you should be using our Risk Assessment toolkit to help identify yours.

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Save your business thousands by using proactive ergonomics in your office!
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