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Six OHSAS 18001 health and safety benefits you can't afford to ignore

by , 27 October 2014
OHSAS 18001 is an internationally accepted method of assessing and auditing occupational health and safety management systems.

You might think this sounds like a lot of effort and work, but there are benefits to OHSAS 18001 you shouldn't ignore.

Otherwise, your company might suffer at the hands of mediocre health and safety management.

Read on to discover the benefits of OHSAS 18001 to ensure that doesn't happen...


Your company will benefit from OHSAS 18001 in six ways

OHSAS 18001 basically helps you maintain, monitor and constantly improve your company's health and safety. This doesn't just help you keep your employees safe, it also helps your company:
1. Improve your reputation and increase your opportunities to gain new business;
2. Minimise risks of downtime through accidents;
3. Demonstrate your commitment to meet legal obligations;
4. Save money on public liability insurance premiums;
5. Maintain compliance to legal requirements; and
6. Provide a robust system to maintain and continually improve health and safety.
As you can see, you stand to gain a lot just by implementing OHSAS 18001 in your company. 
Here's what these benefits will do for you in the long run.
*********** Reader's choice  ***************
There are over 100 health and safety questions you need to ask to measure your health and safety system.
It would take you the entire day just to think of the 100 questions that you should be asking yourself when doing your internal audit.
And I know your next question…
What exactly ARE the 100 questions you should be answering?
And how do they determine if your health and safety system is compliant with the OHSAS18001 standards?
Stop fussing!

These benefits will have a long lasting affect on your company

The long lasting benefit of using OHSAS 18001 in your company is overall growth. You're more likely to attract new clients and investors if they know your company operates legally and safely.
You also won't waste money on unnecessary health and safety issues. This means you'll have more money to invest in your business.
So implement OHSAS 18001 today and watch you company prosper.
Check out the OHSAS 18001 Audit Kit to help you get it 100% correct. 

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Six OHSAS 18001 health and safety benefits you can't afford to ignore
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