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Six points you must include in your evacuation procedure's flow diagram

by , 02 October 2014
Your emergency evacuation procedure needs to contain as much information as possible. This includes visual aids such as a flow diagram.

These are actually a vital part of your evacuation procedures manual as it give employees a clear understanding of where they must go and what they must do in an emergency.

If you're not sure how to create an evacuation procedures flow diagram, read on to find out the six points it should contain...


This is what your evacuation flow diagram should do

Your flow diagram should show your employees the chain of command and operations during an emergency. For example, it should show all the people who must report to the Emergency Coordinator and where they must go from there.
This helps them understand who they need to report to and what they must do, especially if you include specific information such the names of people with important emergency roles and locations of things in your workplace.
To ensure your flow diagram achieves this, it must contain these six points.
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Your evacuation flow diagram must contain these six points to be effective

1. Site emergency evacuation routes;
2. Medical treatment station locations;
3. Site fire equipment location plan;
4. Site first aid equipment location plan;
5. Site emergency assembly point plan; and
6. Site hazardous substances location plan.
Point one and two may require you to use a visual map of your workplace to allow your employees to see where they must go and where they'll find the medical treatment centres. 
Points three to six require you to create the chain of command and indicate where everyone must go to do their jobs. 
If your flow diagram has these six points, it will be effective and help your employees evacuate safely. 

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Six points you must include in your evacuation procedure's flow diagram
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