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Use these five tips to store abrasive wheels safely

by , 15 October 2013
Do your employees use power driven abrasive wheels? If so, pay attention! You must ensure your workers follow safe work procedures when they use and store abrasive wheels. If you don't, your employees could be seriously injured. Here are five tips you need to know how to store abrasive wheels safely.

The Health & Safety Advisor defines power driven abrasive wheels as wheels made of an abrasive substance that turn on a spindle and are used to grind away sharp edges and form metal to a desired shape.

To ensure your workers are safe, make sure they follow these tips to store abrasive wheels.

The Advisor recommends you tell your workers to follow the following five safety rules:

Tip #1: Store wheels in racks or bins with dividers for different types of wheels.

Tip #2: Place straight or tapered wheels on end in a cradle or chocked position so they won't roll.

Tip #3: Store thin (2mm or 3 mm thick) wheels on a flat surface.

Tip #4: Stack cylinder and straight cup wheels on the flat side with cushioning material, such as cardboard.

Tip #5: Never store wheels near excessive heat, in contact with oil or moisture, or in drawers with loose tools. That's because excessive heat and loose tools will damage the discs while oil or moisture will draw into the disc and cause it to run unevenly (it'll be heavier on one side).

By following these rules to a T, you'll be able to ensure your company complies with the Occupational Health and Safety Act's safety regulations for abrasive wheels.

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Use these five tips to store abrasive wheels safely
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