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Use this tip to keep your employees calm during an emergency evacuation

by , 15 September 2014
If your employees panic during an emergency, they'll act irrationally. This includes running, screaming and forcing their way past everyone else out the emergency exit. They'll simply disregard your emergency procedures and go with their instinct.

This is a serious problem because panic is contagious. When one person freaks out, five more follow suit. Next thing everyone in your office is blindly acting on an instinct to survive.

You need to help keep them calm to prevent this problem. By doing this one thing, you can do exactly that...


Doing this one thing with help you keep your employees calm during an emergency

Tip: Calmly go through your office as the alarm sounds and ask your employees to leave or remain where they are.
Yes, it is an emergency and time is of the essence, but if you go screaming through your office and bark orders at everyone it'll just send them into a panic.
People panic more when they don't know what's going on so rather give a short reason such as 'There's a fire in the boardroom but it's under control'. 
This helps your employees stay calm and act appropriately.
Just don't waste too much time doing this. Follow these five rules to ensure you don't...
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Follow these five rules so you don't waste time 

Rule 1: Speak to groups of employees instead of to each individual.
Rule 2: Keep your sentences short.
Rule 3: Give simple explanations and don't answer questions.
Rule 4: Move quickly from group to group without running.
Rules 5: Have a second in command help you spread the word and keep employees calm.
By using these rules to calmly alert your employees, you can stop them from panicking so they can respond properly.

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Use this tip to keep your employees calm during an emergency evacuation
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