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Watch out for employees who over indulged over the weekend! They're a health and safety hazard!

by , 03 November 2014
Monday morning always brings with it employees that look grumpy at the fact that the weekend is over. But it can also bring with it employees that over indulged.

If your employees drank too much, or did any other kind of illegal substances on their days off, that could become a health and safety hazard when they arrive at work on Monday morning.

You must be very aware of these employees.

Here's why and what you should do to spot them...


Here's why your over indulgent employees are such a health and safety hazard

It can take up to 11 hours for a large amount of alcohol to leave someone's system and over 24 hours for certain drugs to disappear.
What this means is, if your employee enjoyed his weekend a little bit too much, he might arrive at work still intoxicated.
Even if he isn't clearly still drunk, hung-over or high, the substances in his system will still have an effect on his responses.
So if, for example, he has to work in a dangerous area such as around pressurised equipment, and the pressure in one of them rises too much, too fast, he won't be able to deal with it quickly enough to stop a serious accident.  
But that's not the only reason. He might also act carelessly because the substances in his system will limit his concentration. This means he could cause an accident by neglecting safe working procedures.
Here's how to spot these employees and prevent this situation.
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Here's how to identify employees that might be intoxicated

You can't just do random drug and alcohol tests on your employees. If you want to do this, it must be in your company policy and you must clearly state it. By signing your policy, your employees give you permission to do random tests on them. 
Be careful though, you must have a valid reason for doing these tests in your company. You also can't repeatedly target specific employees, so choose targets at random.
You can use these spot tests to root out intoxicated employees and prevent them from doing dangerous work. 
As long as you follow the rules when it comes to doing these tests, they can help you identify intoxicated employees that could cause serious accidents. 

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Watch out for employees who over indulged over the weekend! They're a health and safety hazard!
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