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Account for your travel expenses with this free checklist

by , 29 September 2014
Travel expenses are a common occurrence for most businesses. Because you probably do business with people all over the country, if not the globe, you and your employees have to travel quite a bit to maintain these business relationships.

This means a lot of travel expenses and these can easily get out of hand.

That's why we've create this easy checklist for you to use. It covers all the different travel expenses you need to account for so you can deal with them correctly...


Here's your free checklist of all the travel expenses you must account for

1. The cost of travel by airplane, train, bus, or car between your home and your business destination. Using your car while at your business destination. You can deduct actual expenses or the standard mileage rate, as well as business-related tolls and parking fees. If you rent a car, you can deduct only the business-use portion for the expenses. 
2. Fares for taxis or other types of transportation between the airport or train station and your hotel, the hotel and the work location, and from one customer to another, or from one place of business to another. 
3. Meals and lodging.
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4. Tips you pay for services related to any of these expenses.
5. Dry cleaning and laundry.
6. Business calls while on your business trip (this includes business communications by fax machine or other communication devices). 
7. Other similar ordinary and necessary expenses related to your business travel (these expenses might include transportation to and from a business meal, public stenographer's fees, computer rental fees and operating and maintaining a house trailer). 
8. Shipping of baggage and sample or display material between your regular and temporary work locations.
There you have it. Now you'll always be able to accurately account for all the correct travel expenses. 

Find out how to analyse your financial statements and identify errors and be 100% up-to-date on new and updated accounting and reporting standards.

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Account for your travel expenses with this free checklist
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