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Free Download: 10 Questions you should never ask during an interview

by , 13 January 2014
The interview is often the only gateway between you and potential employees. You must make the most of your interviews to make sure you hire the best candidates. But, you can't just ask anything you feel like.
Find out how to get the information you need without breaking the law.

You can't ask candidates anything you want to!

Interviewing employees is about discriminating between good and the best candidates for a position. But you can't ask just anything. An aggrieved candidate could take you to the CCMA if you ask a question that unfairly discriminates and you could end up paying thousands in compensation.

Know the difference between fair and unfair discrimination.

Download the 10 questions you should never ask during an interview here!


The A-Z of legal recruitment

  • Did you know there are 11 legal requirements for recruitment?
  • Do you know how the Employment Equity Act affects your job advertisement?
  • Do you know what checks you can legally conduct on an applicant?
  • Are you sure your employment contract includes the 16 clauses the law says you must have?
If you don't have all of these aspects correct, you'll be on the wrong side of the law when it comes to your recruitment process.

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Recruitment: The Complete Guide will give you practical advice, tools, checklists and samples that cover every single step of recruitment.


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Free Download: 10 Questions you should never ask during an interview
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