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Business Finance: 

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Workshops and Seminars
Practical Loose Leaf Services

Electronic Products, Reports and CDs
Toolkits and Books
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Legal Acts and Laws

Workplace Safety: 

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Workshops and Seminars
Practical Loose Leaf Services

Electronic Products, Reports and CDs
Toolkits and Books
Our Software
Legal Acts and Laws
Free Email Newsletters

Health and Safety Bulletin

Get hundreds of Health and Safety tips delivered to your inbox.
  • Confidently comply with health and safety laws and regulations
  • Prevent accidents before they happen
  • Easily understand the OHSA and your obligations
Labour Bulletin

Get hundreds of Labour and HR tips delivered to your inbox
  • Confidently comply with labour laws and regulations
  • Win your cases at the CCMA and avoid going to the CCMA
  • Easily understand the Labour Relations Act
  • Improve employee relations and productivity
Tax Bulletin

Get hundreds of Tax and Vat tips delivered to your inbox.
  • Take the hassle out of tax
  • Audit-proof your business and…
  • Make SARS your friend
Practical Loose Leaf Services

Health and Safety Advisor Health and Safety Training Manual
Tips, tools and practical advice to easily implement health and safety in your workplace.

You must train employees in health & safety to make sure they maintain safety standards (OHS Act). The Health and Safety Training manual will help you comply.
Practical Guide to Human Resources Management Labour Law for Managers
Tips, tools and strategies to easily develop and manage your employees. Step-by-step instructions, checklists, sample forms and tips to comply with all labour law from absenteeism, to employment contracts, to discipline and dismissals.
Practical Tax Loose Leaf Service Practical VAT Loose Leaf Service
Uncover no less than 139 ways for your business to legally pay less tax. Tips, tools and step-by-step guidance from our panel of VAT experts, to make it simple for financial managers, accountants, bookkeepers and business owners, to minimise their VAT bill, get their refund faster and avoid penalties and audits.
Personnel: Electronic Products, Reports and CDs
AWOL! Your guide to dealing with employees who abscond CCMA for Managers
Your step-by-step guide to make sure you deal with absconded employees legally and effectively. We'll show you how to increase your chances of winning every employee hearing and dispute.
Employment Equity Act Compliance Toolkit The Insubordination Toolkit
Everything you need to comply with the 2014 EE Act amendments. How to deal with insubordination, gross insubordination and insolence in the workplace.
'You're fired!' Your guide to substantively and procedurally fair dismissals Social Media Policy
How to dismiss problem employees without being taken to the CCMA. The Social Media Policy is a fully customisable, legally compliant policy you can download and implement in your business today!
The Stop Absenteeism Report Your Essential Guide to Overtime
You only need this one tool to stop absenteeism in your company today. Everything you didn't know about overtime and more.
The Ultimate Guide to Managing Sick Leave The Ultimate Guide to Annual Leave
An easy-to-follow and practical report with sample templates that'll help you nip 'duvet days' in the bud.
Step-by-step instructions on managing annual leave effectively so you are 100% legally compliant.
Your Maternity Leave Solution Employment Law 101
Everything you need to know about maternity leave in one easy-to-use electronic report. 

Expert answers to 101 of the most common labour law questions.

The Complete Sexual Harassment Advisor HR Policies and Procedures
We'll show you how to legally deal with sexual harassment in your workplace every step of the way... Get access to 50 must-have HR company policies and procedures so you can put an end to needless disputes and HR questions about.

A to Z of HR Forms and Templates The 'No Excuses' Guide to Performance Management
Get every form you'll ever need for any labour, human resources or health and safety issue.
Checklists, templates and information to effectively and legally deal with your poor performer.

The A-Z Guide to Preventing and Managing Strikes The Chairman's Guide to Disciplinary Hearings
How to effectively deal with unwanted strikes and legally dismiss striking employees. How to chair 100% legally compliant hearings every step of the way.  
Domestic Worker Toolkit Labour Relations Amendment Act Compliance Toolkit
Find out exactly how to employ, manage and discipline your domestic worker.

Understand what the amendments are, and what measures you should implement to avoid a lawsuit from an employee.
Your Guide to Family Responsibility Leave The HR Audit Report
All the legal requirements of family responsibility leave, answers all your questions and includes a policy you can fully customise for your company.
Ensure you're in line with employment laws by carrying out regular human resource audits.
The employer's guide to legally deduct money from negligent employees 57 Tests to hire the best people
Find out how you can legally deduct money from a negligent employee's salary.
Increase the effective recruiting of employees by 97% using this pratical tool.
The Complete Guide to B-BBEE Amended Codes eReport 33 Tools to be an effective manager

Find out how how to keep your company's competitive edge with the amended BEE Codes. Six Sigma, 5S, Delphi, Ishikawa, Pareto, Flowchart... All you need to know to become a leading manager!

Disciplinary Hearings: How to prepare for a procedurally fair disciplinary hearing 53 Solutions to employee timekeeping and working hours
Fact: The CCMA doesn't care why you dismissed an employee... It only wants to know if you dismissed him fairly. And if you didn't do it fairly, you could have to pay him up to 12 months' salary!

It's very difficult to identify simple information you need by reading the 405 pages long Labour Relations Act. That's why we are offering 53 Solutions to employee timekeeping and working hours. This eReport is based on the specific issues raised by many employers.

How to deal with unacceptable workplace behaviour
Employee Personnel Toolkit
Workplace misconduct relates to deliberate or careless acts of unacceptable behaviour by an employee. Serious misconduct can disrupt productivity and cause lasting damage to your business.
You need to nip it in the bud swiftly.
61 Documents, templates and contracts for your employee personnel files to make sure you comply with the BCEA
Business Finance: Electronic Products, Reports and CDs

Capital Gains Tax Fringe Benefits Guide
The only report that ensures you save thousands of Rands off your CGT bill; calculate your CGT liability correctly and be 100% sure you're legally compliant.

How to take advantage of all 12 fringe benefits you can claim tax on.
VAT201 e-report 100 Solutions to the most controversial VAT issues 
The comprehensive guide to completing your Vat returns correctly.

The VAT Law changed again. The new rules are already in force! Benefit from specialist solutions to the 100 most current controversial VAT issues

Turnover Tax 101 eBook Companies Act e-report
The ultimate guide for small businesses that want to save money, take the stress out of tax compliance and improve their relationship with SARS.

There are 11 law changes from the Companies Act that directly affect financial managers. Do you know what they are? Not yet? Just open the 2008 Companies Act e-Report and know everything you should!

Provisional Tax 101 e-report How to complete your IT14SD form     
Everything you need to calculate your provisional tax liability, pay up and manage your relationship with SARS.
Take the headache and stress out of completing your IT14SD form with this step-by-step guide.
The Essential Fraud-Proof Business Guide Your Guide to Taxing Companies Cars and Travel Allowances  

How to protect your business from being crippled by nine of SA's most common fraud schemes!
The vital differences between company cars and travel allowances and how they affect the bottom-line.

How to survive a SARS VAT audit How to survive a SARS Tax audit
Ex-SARS auditor reveals the five red-flags SARS looks for when doing a VAT audit…

Your ammunition to be 100% confident when SARS audits your business.

47 Allowances and Deductions Input tax 101
47 Ways to get your money back from SARS.

Tips, tools and practical advice to claim every input tax credit available to you and get the maximum benefit from the VAT system.

Excel Training DVD The A-Z of VAT Registrations
Solve your Excel problems in 5 minutes with step-by-step instructions by Chartered Accountant and Excel expert Adrian Miric The A-Z of VAT registrations has step-by-step instructions, tips, practical examples and checklists to get your Vat number in the shortest time possible.

231 Sizzling VAT Tips 31 Business Boosting Tax Breaks
These VAT tips cover more than 60 different topics, with 231 Sizzling VAT Tips in total… it's like having your own VAT specialist 24/7.

31 Different tax breaks you can implement today to save your business thousands of rands! It covers everything from building allowances, to wear and tear.

Your Company Car and Travel Allowance Problem Solver Your Fringe Benefits Problem Solver
Get the answers to these and 69 of the most frequently asked company car and travel allowance questions right here.

In-depth fringe benefit advice so you can avoid making common mistakes and having to fork out up to R1 000 per consultation with a tax consultant.

The quick medical tax credit calculator The Employment Tax Incentive Act DVD
Quick Medical Tax Credit Calculator will help you comply with the new medical tax credit system changes so you can stay on the right side of SARS.

Claim at least R40 000 through the Employment Tax Incentive Act. Here's how
The VAT refund accelerator The Master Budget Series
How to Get Your VAT Refund in 21 Days – Step-by-step advice and tips to help you get your refund from SARS when it's due.

Ten budget templates to forecast and manage your company's costs.
That dreaded SARS VAT pop-up letter All About Financial Statements
Don't let the infamous VAT pop-up letter be the reason SARS steals money out of your company's bank account. This one tool can ensure it isn't…
Get all the expertise of experienced accountants and auditors so you can draw up your financial statements perfectly and get rid of errors in your accounting records!
The Complete Guide to Zero-Rated VAT The SARS Dispute Resolution Process
46 supplies you can zero rate and the documents you must keep to validate them...
Everything you need to know if you don't agree with SARS assessments
Workplace Safety: Electronic Products, Reports and CDs

29 Health and Safety Inspection Checklists How to appoint the best HSE representative - your complete guide E-Report
Your 29 essential health and safety inspection checklists to help you ensure your employees are complying with your safety measures .
Each checklist comes to you as an electronic template, so you can use each one as often as you need!
If you have more than 20 employees  you must have a health and safety representative or face penalties. Here's your complete guide on nominating your HSE representatives.
Appointment Letters Toolkit Emergency first aid planning Toolkit CD
68 Legally compliant Health and Safety appointment letters at the click of a button.

Everything you need to prepare your first aiders for any emergency situation.

SHE File CD COID Compliance Guide
You could be risking 1-2 years in prison for health  and safety non-compliance! Here are 106 electronic templates to start your Health & Safety System from scratch. Everything you need to fully comply with the COID Act.
HSE Representatives Toolkit CD Risk Assessment Toolkit CD
All the templates, forms and checklists you need to perform your health and safety obligations efficiently and correctly. The Risk Assessment toolkit is the only resource you'll need to make sure your risk assessments are 100% compliant and that you've done everything you possibly can to make your employees safe.

Toolbox Talks Kit Health and Safety Budget Guide
Train your employees on 97 safety topics they need to know. Each toolbox talk takes only 15 minutes to teach your employees complete compliance. 27 items you should include in your health and safety budget, plus a guide on how to get started and three free templates.
7 Piece Fire Safety Toolkit HIV Training-in-a-box
The 7 Piece Fire Safety Training Toolkit provides you with all the information and resources you need to safely and legally protect your organisation from the risk of fire.

                                       Learn more>>>

With the HIV Training-in-a-box you can create and customise your own HIV training at a fraction of the cost you'll pay for a training course for just one employee.
Learn more>>>

Construction Compliance Guide Driven Machinery Regulations Compliance Kit 

How to be 100% compliant with the new Construction Regulations
Learn more>>>
The Driven Machinery Regulations Compliance Kit, will show you how you can quickly and easily train your employees on all they need to know about using your driven machinery…

Personnel: Toolkits and Books

Industrial Relations Toolkit Job Descriptions Toolbox


57 ready-to-use contracts, policies and forms for every employee situation, Instantly downloadable right now! Slash your recruitment costs by 45%...
Fire your poor performers… Save yourself hours, days, even weeks… In three easy steps
384 of the Best HR and Labour Tips Ever Recruitment: The Complete Guide
Have the power to deal with everyday HR and labour issues with 384 of the best tips, checklists and warnings to help you answer your labour law and HR questions.

Practical advice, tools, checklists and samples that cover every single step of the legal recruitment process.
144 Smart Strategies for Managers  


The 144 secrets that made Blanchard, Branson, Trump and Sunter such effective leaders and managers. Discover real solutions, successful methodologies and the best leadership strategies around.  
Business Finance: Toolkits and Books

VAT Act Booklet  
The VAT Act printed into a smaller, more compact size so that it can fit into any handbag or laptop carrier with ease so you can get inside info on Returns, Objections, Refunds and more 24/7.
Workplace Safety: Toolkits and Books

OHSA and COIDA Booklets  
Printed booklets of the two Acts everyone in Health and Safety should have.
Our Software

Performance Review Software Health and Safety Audit Smart Software
The first Performance Review Software in line with the Labour Law, which has been designed by professionals exclusively for you. All you need is a computer.
Audit Smart programme allows you to audit your OHS Act compliance and 19 health and safety regulations, ensuring you're 100% compliant!
OHSAS18001 Auditor Kit Software  
The OHSAS 18001 Auditor Kit gives you everything you need to check if you're complying with the OHSAS 18001 standards.
Legal Acts and Laws
Basic Conditions of Employment (BCE) Act Skills Development Act (SDA)
Avoid penalties from the Department of Labour. Display the mandatory legal wall chart today, Basic Conditions of Employment (BCE) Act.
Avoid penalties from the Department of Labour. Display the mandatory legal wall chart today, the Skills Development Act.
Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act General Machinery Regulations Schedule D
Avoid penalties from the Department of Labour. Display the mandatory legal wall chart today, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act.
Not displaying notices of the General Machinery Regulations if you operate any machinery in the workplace is punishable by law. Here's your very own set of health and safety wall charts to ensure you are compliant.
General Machinery Regulations
Schedule C
Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act
Not displaying notices of the General Machinery Regulations if you operate any machinery in the workplace is punishable by law. Here's your very own set of health and safety wall charts to ensure you are compliant.
Not displaying notices of the General Machinery Regulations if you operate any machinery in the workplace is punishable by law. Here's your very own set of health and safety wall charts to ensure you are compliant.
Our 2017 Workshops and Seminars
Tax Seminars 2017

VAT Masterclass
May, JHB, CT and DBN

The only extensive 2-day training program that tackes VAT from every angle. From the VAT basics, right up to the more complex VAT rules, this Masterclass prepares the financial manager, the bookkeeper or financial assistant to tackle VAT.

Book your seat here


For more information on these seminars, or to book your seat, contact us at: seminars@fsp.co.za 



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