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Avoid this one business rescue mistake that cost Mr Madodza thousands

by , 07 March 2014
Mr Madodza couldn't believe his ears that morning in the High Court. The Judge allowed the Sheriff of Nelspruit to remove his vehicles, even though Section 133(1) (Companies Act) protects businesses from creditors during business rescue. And Mr Madodza was undergoing business rescue. So what happened? The small mistake he made, was that he didn't follow the correct steps to appoint his business rescue practitioner!

Don't let this happen to you! Let's have a look at the one right way to appoint a business rescue practitioner so you're 100% protected by business rescue and don't land up in Mr Madoza's shoes.

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The one right way to appoint a business rescue practitioner
Once you've filed for business rescue, you must appoint a business rescue practitioner within two days. This is the one thing that Mr Madodza got wrong. And it made him lose the court application.
Let's have a close look at exactly how to appoint the business rescue practitioner…
The one legally correct way to appoint a business rescue practitioner

Fill in a CoR123.2 form and submit this to the CIPC. This shows who you have appointed as a business rescue practitioner. Go to here to download this form.

Until next time...

Philip Rosenberg
Managing Editor, Practical Accountancy Loose Leaf

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Avoid this one business rescue mistake that cost Mr Madodza thousands
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