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CIPC rejected your proposed company name! What now?

by , 22 March 2013
If you make even ONE of mistake on your company documents, CIPC will reject/not accept them. If you find yourself in this position, you can reapply to CIPC with a new proposed name.

Remember that when you want to register a business name at CIPC, there are systems in place to make the application process efficient. CIPC handles thousands of documents daily.

To make their job easier (and to make sure your new application goes through easily), you must reapply with the right documents and pay the right fees.  Can you reapply to CIPC if your proposed name's rejected?

Yes! Let's look at the what to do when your proposed name is rejected by CIPC…

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CIPC rejected your proposed company name! What now?

If CIPC rejects your proposed name, don't panic! CIPC will still register the company – just not the name.  CIPC will make your company's registration number the name of the company at incorporation, until your new proposed name is reserved/approved. So what you need to do is to reapply to CIPC with your new proposed business name. Read on to find out five common mistakes to avoid when you reapply to CIPC.

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5 Common mistakes to avoid when you reapply to CIPC
  1. You forget to pay the prescribed fee for that document/form;or don't have the full amount in your customer account for the payment. If you don't have the amount in your account, you'll have to write a letter to CIPC explaining that the amount wasn't in your account and you have made sure that the full amount is available in the account now;
  2. You haven't completed the form;
  3. You haven't signed the documentation;
  4. You haven't supplied CIPC with confirmation of your identity when you file the document/form; and CIPC can't confirm your identity;
  5. You haven't supplied CIPC with confirmation that you're authorised to file it on behalf of another person who has the right to file it. CIPC can't verify that authorised to file it.

Use this list to make sure your proposed name doesn't get rejected by CIPC again. For more tips on how to apply to CIPC, check out chapter  Companies Act: Company names C09 in the Practical Accountancy Loose Leaf.  In it we'll discuss:

  • Your company's name may need to change
  • Your company name doesn't need to be descriptive
  • Be aware of the 5 features your company's name can include
  • The names you're not allowed!
  • You don't need to reserve your company name before you register it
  • You can register any name as a defensive name…
  • How to reserve a company name online in 9 steps
  • You may also transfer any name which you've reserved to any other person

Not a subscriber? Find out how to get your Practical Accountancy Loose Leaf service membership here.

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CIPC rejected your proposed company name! What now?
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