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Eight ways you can use your financial budget to improve your company's financial management

by , 26 August 2014
Managing your company's finances has a lot to do with controlling how much you spend on expenses. If your company spends too much on unimportant costs it could land you in financial trouble.

That's why you must draw up a financial budget. It'll help you control what your company spends and can ensure you prioritise your spending.

There are, in fact, eight ways you can use your financial budget to help improve your financial management. Read on to discover what they are...


Here are the eight different ways you can use your financial budget for effective financial management

1. Have a clear goal that you want to achieve with your finances. For example, you can say 'we want to increase profits to R250 000' and then use your budget to achieve those goals by controlling expenses.
2. Start with a template so you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time. The template will help ensure you don't leave something out. This means your budget will be accurate every time.
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3. Learn from prior experience and build it into the budget. This will help you constantly improve your budget and your financial management.
4. Be realistic with your budget. If you create unrealistic budgets that don't reflect what your company can realistically do with its money, you'll struggle with your financial management.
5. Prepare for emergencies and the expenses that come with them.  Your budget must make sure you prepared for these conditions and the costs that go with them.
6. Make it specific to your business.  If you're an accountant and your only 'stock' is a few paperclips, don't waste time planning for stock levels. This just adds unnecessary clutter to your financial management.
7. Stay motivated with your financial goals.  There are going to be times when you fall behind the budget or lose interest for other reasons. Remember why you did the budget in the first place and keep going.
8. Look at your budget often and react and revise if necessary.  If you base your budget on assumptions that later prove to be wrong, simply adjust your expectations. This ensures your financial management is seamless.
There you have it. Use your financial budget in these eight ways and it'll help you with your financial management.

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Eight ways you can use your financial budget to improve your company's financial management
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