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Four easy ways to enter your accounting data into Excel

by , 22 August 2014
When it comes to using Excel for your accounting, every tip and trick can speed up the process. It also means you can do it more accurately and ensure there aren't any errors.

Today, we have a tip for you that'll speed up the way you enter your accounting data into your Excel spreadsheets. Now you may think you don't need any help entering data because you just type it in. While this is true, that's a very tedious process.

But with these four easy tips you can do this in record time.

Here's how...


Four ways to enter data and text in cells quickly and efficiently

1. Typing data into the spreadsheet
You can enter data and text by typing the characters in the cell you want to include it in. To do this, click on the cell and enter your data normally.
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2. Using Auto-Complete
To activate AutoComplete, go to the Editing Options section and check 'Enable Auto-Complete for cell values'. Press 'OK' to save this option. 
Enabling Auto-Complete will affect the entire spreadsheet and not just the cells you've selected. The Auto-Complete function allows automatic display of characters you want to enter if you've typed them previously. 
After typing the first character, Excel will identify sentences beginning with the character typed.
3. Using the Auto-Fill function
Select the cell where you entered the first value. Then use the right hand side mouse button. Click and hold the cross hairs on the bottom right of the cell you want to copy, and drag in the direction you want to repeat the number. 
Select Fill Series. Excel will automatically insert the series of numbers in ascending order from your selection.
4. Using AutoCorrect
The AutoCorrect function will correct mistyped characters. Or it'll introduce typing characters in a predefined group. To define the parameters of this function, click: Microsoft Office => Excel Options => Proofing option. 
Now you can define your options in the AutoCorrect section.
There you have it. Use these tips to enter your accounting data into Excel in record time.

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Four easy ways to enter your accounting data into Excel
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