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Here are the 12 items you must include in your Standard Operating Procedures for inventory controls

by , 31 July 2014
Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) can really help when it comes to your manufacturing process. They ensure your employees do their jobs safely and correctly. This is because your employees have to follow the same procedures every single day.

But did you know, you can use your SOP to help with inventory control measures. This can help you protect your inventory stock from fraud and theft.

So if this sounds like a good idea to you, keep reading to find out the 12 items you must include in your SOP for inventory control...

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Include these 12 items in your SOP to protect your inventory

When you draw up your SOP for your stock inventory controls, you must include:
1. Definitions and acronyms specific to inventory control your employees will easily understand;
2. The process for security and safeguarding of your company/warehouse/manufacturing process;
3. Details for receiving an order/invoice from a client. Follow this with the process for packing for delivery;
4. Details for getting credit requests and inventory received notices from clients;
5. Tracking of in-transit goods;
6. Receipts of inventory/items from the suppliers;
7. Receipt, safe-keeping and delivery packing items from suppliers;
8. Packing and quality control procedures;
9. Stock take; 
10. Record keeping and administration for your inventory control;
11. Guidelines for destroying expired inventory;
12. Document management. This is your quality management plan and helps you ensure your employees follow these procedures. You can use several documents to help you manage this such as sign off registers.
If you include these 12 items in your SOP for inventory tracking you can ensure they become second nature for your employees. This means they'll handle your inventory correctly and ensure it's safe during the production process. 
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Here are the 12 items you must include in your Standard Operating Procedures for inventory controls
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