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Here's how to control who can access your company's accounting records and who can't

by , 29 July 2014
Imagine this scenario: SARS comes to do an audit on your company and asks to see your accounting records from three years ago. You open the folder in your shared company drive to find them, only to discover those records are suddenly missing. One of your employees 'accidently' deleted the folder and couldn't restore it.

This accident could have serious consequences for your business. SARS will cry foul if you can't produce those records because it'll think you're hiding something.

But you can prevent this disaster in your business by controlling who gets access to your accounting records and who doesn't. Here's how...

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What do SARS and CIPC say about accounting reports?

To protect your accounting records, limit the number of people who can access them

Storing your company's bookkeeping documents in a digital version is the right thing to do. The reason is they're a lot harder to misplace than a book ledger. 
But storing these documents in your company's general shared drive is a big mistake. Because everyone can access those files, they could accidently change or delete important information.
So keep your accounting records on your computer, but save them in a different place instead...

Here's how to limit the people that get access to your company's accounting records

Your company's financial records and payroll information must always be in a separate folder. And you must create this folder so that only people you give permission to can access it. 
This way, you can ensure only your accountant, payroll manager and CFO have access to these records.
Also save a separate copy onto your computer so that if they go missing from the system, you have a back up. 
And if any of your other managers wants to see the records, print out a copy for them, instead of giving them access to the digital ones.
This way you can protect your records and ensure you always have them in case you need them.
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Here's how to control who can access your company's accounting records and who can't
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