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Here's why Excel makes analysing your company's financial data as easy as pie

by , 24 July 2014
Have you ever sat looking at your company's accounting records and felt overwhelmed at the thought of analysing all of it?

It's a common feeling for business owners, especially if you use the old fashioned pen and paper method of bookkeeping.

But there's a handy little trick out there that can make this analysis easy as pie. It's name is Excel and these are the ways in which it'll help you analyse your company's accounting data...

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Here's how Excel can help you analyse your accounting data quickly and easily

Excel has so many functions and formulas that can help you streamline the data in your spreadsheets.
But there are two particular Excel tricks that can really help when it comes to analysing this data. These tricks are:
If you use an Excel Pivot Table, you can easily sort and simplify the data. It'll only show you the information you need to compare. For example, you can pull all of your sales figures out of your general profit and loss statement to take a closer look at how they're changed.
This saves you so much time! It automatically pulls the data you need! This is faster than looking through everything to find the right information.
An Excel Pivot Chart is a quick and easy way to create a graphic of your accounting records. You can use this, for example, to create an annual trend analysis chart
This makes analysing the data easy. Now you can see the changes in your financial position in a graphic representation.
With these two Excel tricks, analysing your company's finances is as easy as pie.
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Here's why Excel makes analysing your company's financial data as easy as pie
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