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How to correctly account for travel expenses

by , 26 September 2013
Whether you're the company charging for travel time, or you're the company receiving invoices that include travel expenses from a consultant, you'll need to account for this effectively. Let's have a look at how to account for travel reimbursements effectively.

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How to account for travel expense reimbursements from your client

John is a consultant for Consultants International. He has a range of clients he travels to.  

Consultants International invoices clients for all expenses (flights, mileage, food, misc expenses). The client reimburses them fully.

This is how Consultants International accounts for travel expense reimbursement:

1. It shows the full invoice amount (i.e. inc. expenses reimbursed) as sales.
2. It shows the related 'expenses' as cost of sales.

Keep reading to find out how to account for these expenses from your consultant…

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How to account for travel expenses from your consultant

Bernie is the bookkeeper for Platinum International. He hired John to give him expert advice.

Bernie shows the full cost of Johns invoice as 'consultancy' expenditure.

Now you know how to account for these expenses correctly. Look out for more travel accounting tips in upcoming bulletins.

Until next time,
Philip Rosenberg

Product Manager, Practical Accountancy Loose Leaf

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How to correctly account for travel expenses
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