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How to see if your company is technically solvent or not

by , 29 September 2016
How to see if your company is technically solvent or notDo you know if your company solvent, or not?

If your company is solvent, it means your assets are higher than your liabilities. You'll find the answer to this in the analysis of your financial statements.

And the answer to this question can have profound implications on your business.

Read on and I'll explain further...

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It's your legal accounting reporting obligation to prepare accurate financial statements yearly.

But do you know: 
  • What the Companies Act of 2008 wants from your financial statements, so you can make sure your company's complying;
  • When you need to get your financial statements approved – or you're wasting time and money on auditing financial statements you don't have to;
  • When to use GAAP, IFRS for SME's or IFRS standards; and
  • Important transactions you need to disclose – or the bank will think you're hiding something?
Find out the answers to all these questions and more at the Financial Statements Workshop: How to understand and analyse your financial statements
Have you read your statement of financial position lately?
Your statement of financial position (balance sheet) gives you very important information about the solvency of your company as at a certain date.
The figures are only on the statement of financial position and not on the cash flow statement. This includes what your company may/or may not sell their assets for, because the amounts are recorded at book value.
But, if your company is technically solvent, you may have a huge cash flow problem and may become insolvent very soon.
So it's very important to analyse your company's financial statements before jumping to conclusions. That's why I have developed my ultimate solution to analyse and understand your financial statements. Read on below…

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One sure-fire way to read, analyse and understand your financial statements, plus make correct business decisions
When you get your financial statements to 'review', do you get that sinking feeling? A sense of unease!
  • Am I reading this correctly?
  • Did I correctly interpret what my financial statements are saying?
  • Am I making the right decision for my business?
Put your fears to bed today. Simply attend my Financial Statements Workshop and find out how to understand and analyse your financial statements correctly.
In just one day find out:
  • How to use financial statements to analyse your company's performance – and compare it with your competition;
  • The financial state of your company – and how to strengthen it;
  • How to strengthen your company's financial position – so you can secure funding; and
  • Your legal reporting obligations – so you're always compliant with the approved accounting reporting standards.
Only at the Financial Statements Workshop: how to understand and analyse your financial statements

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How to see if your company is technically solvent or not
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