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If you don't have a system for implementing payroll changes, you could render the whole system useless

by , 17 October 2014
You need a payroll system to control and record the payments you make for your employees. This is also something you need to send to SARS to verify your payments.

Because of this you need to keep everything 100% accurate. Unfortunately, all too often payroll systems are vulnerable to little mistakes creeping in that lead to big problems.

Sometimes, these are intentional, sometime they aren't. Either way, you need to prevent them so your payroll system can do its job.

Here's how implementing a system for controlling payroll changes can help you do this...


Use a system to control changes in your payroll to prevent errors

The problem with payroll systems is sometimes errors happen and, sometimes someone who shouldn't, gets in and changes things.
The result? You over or underpay one of your employees because someone might have increased or decrease their salary or bonus.
This will cause serious problems in your payroll and you need to prevent this from happening.
Here's how you can do this with simple control measures.
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Use this golden rule to control changes in your payroll system

The golden rule is to review and sign off the staff variance report every month that shows the differences between staff members month to month. This will help you track when and if those differences change.
On a day-to-day basis, you can use the reports you print from your payroll system to ensure there are no sudden increases. 
You must also ensure the system only allows someone to make changes if you or your management team approves it. 
Doing this will ensure no one gets in and changes your system or accidently alters it.

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If you don't have a system for implementing payroll changes, you could render the whole system useless
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