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Make your business' accounting easier with Excel Pivot Tables

by , 23 July 2014
Doing your business' accounting can be tedious. It can take you hours to fill in all the right values and numbers. And even if your use a digital programme to do your accounting it can still take ages.

But there's a little Excel secret you can use to turn that tedious process into an accounting snap!

You can use Excel Pivot Tables to make your spreadsheet more dynamic and much easier to move the information in your books around.

Read on to discover exactly what Excel Pivot Tables are...

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Here's how you can benefit from using Excel Pivot Tables

A Microsoft Excel Pivot Table is a summary report you can create in Excel. You can use it to report on or analyse any kind of data you want.
With traditional Excel reports, once you've fixed the layout, it's really difficult to change anything. This can make doing your company's bookkeeping very time consuming.
For example, your sales report might have products listed across the page and the months down the side. With a traditional Excel report, changing this format will take you hours!
With a Pivot Table, it'll take you ten seconds.  Here's how...

Here's how to create a Pivot Table in less than ten seconds

1.       Choose the raw data;
2.       Click anywhere on the raw data;
3.       At the top of your screen, click on 'insert menu';
4.       Click 'Pivot Table';
5.       In the dialog box enter where you want the Pivot Table;
6.       Click 'OK'; and
7.       Add the fields you want to your report in the 'Pivot Table field list'.
That's how simple it is to create a Pivot Table. Now you can easily change your Excel reports and make doing your company's accounting much easier.
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Make your business' accounting easier with Excel Pivot Tables
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