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Manage your company's accounting better by linking your spreadsheets

by , 22 August 2014
Have you created links between your Excel spreadsheets yet?


Well you should!

You see these links help you access data from different spreadsheets quickly. This means you don't have to go and open a different spreadsheet to look for that data. You just put in a particular formula and get the data you need.

It's that simple. But because you may still be in the process of getting to know your Excel you might not be familiar with this process.

That's why today, we're going to take you step-by-step and show you how to link your different Excel spreadsheets...

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Here's how to create a link between different Excel spreadsheets

For the purpose of explaining how to create this links, we need to use an example of when you may need to use such a link. In this example, let's say you want to calculate your employees' salaries and their bonuses. 
So here are the steps you must follow:
1. Highlight the monthly sales (F7) and monthly salaries (D5) of employees in two different spreadsheets;
2. Give them their incentive based on their proportional gross income. Work out their wages in relation to the total sales from each employee;
3. Once you work this out, multiply the percentage by the number of employees. These two rates and the amount are in different spreadsheets. So how do you link them?
4. Just put an equal sign (=) in cell F7. And in D5 type an asterisk (*).
5. Reference the amount in the 'Monthly Sales' spreadsheet;
6. In the formula, after the asterisk, click the 'Monthly Sales' tab and then click cell D5. Notice the formula bar understands the Excel function you created;
7. This is the formula that Excel will create: =Table1[[#This Row],[Percentage of total]]*Sheet2!D5;
8. There mustn't be any spaces between the symbols in this formula or Excel will give you back an error code;
9. Repeat your formula for the other employees;
10. Calculate the monthly gross bonus for employees. You'll need to calculate the salary and the bonus; and
11. Now you've linked these two spreadsheets through this function.
This will help you access your information from two spreadsheets without having to open one and go searching for the details.

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Manage your company's accounting better by linking your spreadsheets
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