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Register your company name in nine easy steps

by , 02 February 2015
Starting up a company is stressful and complicated. For many first time business owners, the thought of dealing with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) is a daunting one.

But, it's something you have to do to operate as a legal business.

To help take some of the stress out of this process, I'm going to show you how to register your company name in just nine easy steps...

Register your company name in just nine easy steps

Step #1: Register on the CIPC website (www.cipc.co.za)
Once you click on the customer registration hyperlink, you'll get a screen with a step-by-step guide to the online process. Here's where you'll register as a customer on the website.
Step #2: Login to the website
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Step #3: Select name reservation and proposed name
Step #4: Fill in form CoR.9.1, which you'll see after you click on proposed name
Most of the fields will pre-populate based on the information you give when you register with CIPC. You only need to complete the following fields:
•        Name reservation type (Remember to select Proposed Name from the dropdown menu);
•        The names you want to reserve (You can select up to four names);
•        Official language;
•        Registered trademark;
•        Restricted names;
•        Any similar names (Only answer 'yes' to this question if you're willing to accept any names similar to those you choose if your chosen name isn't available).
Just be careful here, if you select 'yes' for 'Official language', 'Registered trade marks', 'Restricted name' or 'Any similar names, the system won't let you continue. It will tell you to make a manual submission.
Step #5: The system will do a preliminary search of names they have on their system
It will let you know if there are any such names, or similar ones, on its system.
Step #6: Decide if you want to stick with your original name or pick a new one
Step #7: Your application is processed
The system will bring up a screen showing your:
•        Assigned tracking number;
•        Fee paid;
•        Application date; and
•        Reference number.
Print this out and keep copies!
Step #8: The system will send the application to the processing team
The CIPC name reservation processing team will process your application and email you to confirm or reject the reservation. This can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.
Step #9: Wait for your cor9.4 form
This confirms the CIPC accepted your name reservation.
Your company name is officially reserved! You will use this form when you officially register your company.
Make sure you go through these steps carefully and avoid any mistakes or typos. But if you do make a mistake don't worry, you can fix it.
Here's how…
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Here's how to fix mistakes in your name reservation process
If you make a spelling mistake on the company name you want to reserve, you can change it.
But if you do a whole new name proposal, you risk CIPC refusing the name application because of the associated names.
Instead, write a letter to the CIPC explaining the situation and send this together with the initial CoR9.4 (with the incorrect name reservation) to companydocs@cipc.co.za. The CIPC will issue an amended CoR9.4 with a new tracking number and you can make sure your company has the company name you want.
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Register your company name in nine easy steps
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