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Still not using PivotTables? I'll give you five reasons why you should!

by , 11 September 2015
Still not using Excel PivotTables to prepare your monthly reports? Why not?

The PivotTables tool is one of the most powerful, yet intimidating features in Excel.

It lets you view the differences in very big sets of information and its helps you organise large data in Excel, easily. But don't let it intimidate you.

Read on as I give you five advantages of using Excel PivotTables to help you prepare your monthly reports.


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Five advantage of using PivotTables to prepare your monthly reports

1.Easy to use

This is an important advantage of using PivotTables. You can easily summarize data by dragging the columns to different sections of the table. Also, at a click of a mouse you can re-arrange columns.

2.Easy data analysis

You can handle large amounts of data quite easily. You can take large data and work with only a few data fields. This helps with easy analysis of large amount of data.

3.Easy summary of data

You can summarise data in a quick and easy way. PivotTables summarises thousands of rows and column of unorganised data. Arrange rows and columns to meet your needs so you can label and sort it any way you want.

4.Quick report creation

You can create reports in an efficient way. This saves you time on creating reports manually. PivotTables helps you provide links to external sources if needed to create your report.

5.Helps for quick decision making

A PivotTable is a valuable reporting tool. You can easily analyse your data and make quick decisions. This is crucial element in the fast past world we live in. So it's crucial to make precise and quick decisions.

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Still not using PivotTables? I'll give you five reasons why you should!
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