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The one thing you can do to turn your company's accounting into an easy anytime, anywhere job

by , 06 January 2015
Accounting is often a huge amount of admin and work. You can only deal with it when you're in the office and your managers are there to consult with.

This becomes even more inconvenient if you're always rushing from one meeting to the next and never have a moment in the office.

But all that's about to change.

Today, I'm going to tell you about the one thing you can do to turn your accounting system into an easy job you can do anywhere and any time...


Here's how you can turn your company's accounting into an anytime, anywhere job

If you move your accounting processes to 'The Cloud' you can access and use them anytime and anywhere. The cloud is a way for you to access and share data, information and computer software between users accessible over the internet. 
Working with your accounting information online will change how you do accounting. It also makes solving problems easier because you and your managers can access the data from anywhere. This includes being able to send customer invoices and statements.
You can get the software on any device with internet connection. This includes your computer, iPad or Smartphone. 
This online program has all the accounting software you need. You don't need to physically install it on your computer. Just go to the website, login with your username and password and work on your accounting. 
But to really reap the benefits of saving your accounting records in the cloud, you need to choose the right system for you. To do that, follow these three steps.
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Three steps to help you choose the right cloud-based accounting system for your business

1. Research and compare prices;
2. Decide what you need. This will affect the service provider you choose; and
3. Draft a budget and determine how much your current accounting package and storage/back-up systems cost. This will help identify how much you can afford.
Once you find the cloud-based accounting system that suits you best, you can get started and reap all the benefits.

You'll reap these nine priceless benefits when you switch to cloud-based accounting

1. You can update any document on your storage facility and you can access the updates in real-time. All your updates show immediately.
2. The cloud has no size limit. Unlike emails, you can send files of any size.
3. You can find documents according to the date you saved them. This is also handy if you made changes to a document but need to refer back to the original later on.
4. If you use a secure service provider, your information and data is safe. Make sure you use online security measures.
5. You don't need to manually back-up your data and information. Your computer programme can be set to run back-ups automatically. 
6. You can work, view and amend your accounting data in real time, even on your Smartphone. I.e. send customer statement or a customer invoice there and then.
7. Never worry about installing the latest version on everyone's computer again. Simply go online and everyone has access to the same version.
8. You have access to online support for problems included in your monthly subscription.
9. You don't need a degree to understand how it's used. It's easy enough for anyone to use and understand.
As you can see, using cloud-based accounting can transform the way you do accounting, making it easier and more dynamic. So switch to cloud-based accounting today to start reaping all these benefits
PS. If you want more information on cloud-based accounting, check out the Practical Accountancy Loose Leaf Service

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The one thing you can do to turn your company's accounting into an easy anytime, anywhere job
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