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This tip will help you turn Excel into a business accounting powerhouse

by , 04 November 2014
Getting your company's accounting right is the first step of accurate financial management.

Excel can help you get this right. Because of its many functions and formulas, Excel will help you get anything done.

But we have one tip that will take you that much further in your Excel accounting mastery.

Read on to find out what it is so you can turn your company into an accounting powerhouse...


Become an accounting powerhouse by using this Excel tip

Tip: Make your Excel accounting more dynamic.
What I mean by this is don't keep everything in the same format. Find a format that works for you and makes it easy for you to enter, analyse and use your accounting records.
For example, you might want to colour code your general debtors and ledgers and create charts and graphs for your financial analysis. 
This will help you quickly and efficiently enter your accounting data and use it.
But that's not all you can do when it comes to being dynamic with your Excel accounting.
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Don't be afraid to change your Excel format if something isn't working for you

If you create a template or change your format and then later find it isn't working for you, change it. 
Just save your original format to ensure you don't lose any of the data. Then change it to suit your needs and save it under a different name so you don't lose the original. 
This ensures your Excel accounting system works for you instead of the other way round.
For more tips and tricks on how to use Excel to do your company's accounting, check out the Practical Guide to Excel

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This tip will help you turn Excel into a business accounting powerhouse
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