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Three reasons why your company accounting is incomplete without a Pivot Table

by , 24 July 2014
If you do your company's accounting, the best way to do it is with Excel. It's the simplest way to enter, edit, store and manage all your accounting records.

You're probably very proud of your Excel accounting records. You keep them up-to-date and everything balances perfectly.

But what if they're missing something? In fact, if you don't use Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables, they are. Here are three reasons why...

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Your accounting records aren't just for recording your monthly finances 

Your accounting records are important, not just so you can record your income and losses for the month, but so you can analyse your financial position.
You should use the figures in your Excel spreadsheets to compare how your company's doing year after year.
But it's really hard to do this when you're staring at rows and rows of numbers.
You need to sort, simplify and separate your data so you can actually compare it.
This is where Excel Pivot Tables come in. And there are three reasons why these should form a vital part of your financial analysis...

Three reasons why an Excel Pivot Table must be part of your financial analysis

Reason #1: It allows you to separate specific data. This helps you separate the exact data you need from the rest of your records.
Reason #2: They enable you to create Pivot Charts. These graphics can help you see the change in your company's financial position. 
Reason #3: They give you the ability to easily change and reformat the record so you can show it the way that suits you best. This is a huge advantage and better than traditional Excel records which are difficult to change.
As you can see, if you really want to make the most out of your bookkeeping you need to use Excel Pivot Tables.
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Three reasons why your company accounting is incomplete without a Pivot Table
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