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Three types of Excel spreadsheets you need to know about

by , 12 March 2014
Are you an accountant? If so, continue reading to find out about the three types of Excel spreadsheets that will make your job easier.

Revealed: Three types of Excel spreadsheets you can use if you're an accountant

Excel spreadsheets can simplify the way you work if you have the knowhow.

The good news is we're going to give you three types of Excel spreadsheets that will help you with your tasks.

Three types of Excel spreadsheets

#1: Project tracking

According to Az Central spreadsheets can play a role in project management tasks.

The site explains that with a project-tracking spreadsheet, you can record and track tasks or activities associated with particular projects.

This type of spreadsheet can comprise a collaborative record of the progress of a project, whether it's a one-time project or an ongoing concern. Such spreadsheets can also include the people involved in a project and what their responsibilities are.

#2: Future planning

Az Central says you can use spreadsheet data sets to inform the process of making future plans for a business. As well as including graphs or tables representing historical business data within business plans. This means you can create Excel spreadsheets specifically for the purposes of projection.

For example, with existing data set for the past performance of your business, you can make estimations within a projection spreadsheet to calculate the impact of potential changes in your activities. This can allow you to theoretically test any ideas you have for future development with the benefit of accurate historical data.


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#3: Financial spreadsheets

You can use spreadsheets to manage accounting data. This includes budget management such as tracking income and expenses.

The great thing about Excel spreadsheets is that they include automated formatting options for currency as well as the option to display negative numbers in red, providing a clear representation of the financial situation, says Az Central.

Knowing about the different types of Excel spreadsheets will make your accounting tasks a whole lot easier.

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Three types of Excel spreadsheets you need to know about
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