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Use these three forms to control your payroll

by , 14 October 2014
Your payroll system controls your staff expenses. But this doesn't just include the salaries you pay your employees.

It includes a number of different elements that can affect what you pay for your employees overall.

To effectively use your payroll system, you need to have three particular forms.

Read on to discover what these forms are so you can ensure you have them...


There are three forms you need to control your payroll system

Form #1: Reimbursive travel allowance claim form
You must include travel allowances in your payroll even if they're reimbursive. To control this, you need a form to track your employees' reimbursive claims.
This form must include: 
Employee name;
Date travelled;
Client/Purpose of travel;
Number of kilometers travelled to and from;
Reimbursive travel allowance per km;
Total allowance for the trip;
Approved by;
Date approved; and
Signature of approval.
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Form #2: Employee Take-on Form

Use this form to record new employees' information on your payroll system. This form should include: 
Personnel personal information;
Title (Mr /Mrs/Miss /Ms);
Also known as;
ID number;
Date of birth;
Marital status;
Spouse's name;
Home phone number;
Cell number;
Email address;
Start date of employment;
Email address (optional);
Physical address - with postal code; and
Postal address - with postal code.
If you want to get a complete Employee Take-on Form for your payroll system, you can find it in the Practical Accountancy Loose Leaf Service.
Form #3: Leave form
The amount of leave your employees take can impact how much you pay them. That's why you need to control and track how much leave they take with leave forms.
Ensure you have these three forms in your payroll system to control it effectively.

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Use these three forms to control your payroll
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