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Use these three tricks to simplify your accounting process in Excel

by , 04 November 2014
If you've just switched your accounting system over to Excel, you might be feeling a little frustrated at this point. After all, getting used to a new system can take time. But don't despair.

We're here to help you become an Excel accounting expert in no time.

That's why today we're here to give your three Excel tricks that will simplify your accounting process and help you get it done easily and quickly...


Get your Excel accounting processes done quickly with these three Excel tricks

1. Use Auto-format to generate a standard format for your accounting records. AutoFormat allows you to choose a predefined format for the data in a table. The predefined format refers to:
The font;
The height and width of the cell;
The cell colour;
Text alignment; and
This will help you save time if you don't feel like fussing around with creating a basic format. 
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2. Create a personal formatting style for tables when you want a specific format for your accounting records. This will help you save the time you would have spent changing the format manually.
To create this, select the table you want to format. Then click 'Home' => 'Format as table' => 'New Table Style'. A dialogue box will open for the 'New Table Quick Style'
In this box you can choose specifics for:
Text formatting;
Borders; and
Cell colour.
3. Use conditional formatting for specific areas in your accounting records. You can, for example, format your data in different colours so you can look at the data and make immediate sense of it. For example, you could use conditional formatting to put all expenses above R5 000 in red. 
Use these three Excel tricks to simplify your accounting process so you don't waste time creating different formats.
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Use these three tricks to simplify your accounting process in Excel
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