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Using Excel to do your Accounting? You'll never go wrong with these seven tricks

by , 04 November 2014
We've spoken at lengths about the advantages of using Excel to do your company's accounting. It's easy and something you probably already have it on your computer.

But if you've just moved your system over to Excel, you might still need a little help finding your feet. After all, any new system can be tricky when you're getting used to it.

That's why today, we want to reveal seven Excel tricks that will help turn you into an Excel pro and accounting master.

Read on to find out what these tricks are...

Seven tricks that will turn you into an Excel pro

The trick to Excel is knowing how to use all the formulas and functions. Once you understand these, you can use it to do any accounting job you need.
With these seven tricks you'll be comfortable with Excel and its many tools in no time:
Trick 1: Use Excel Pivot Tables to manage your data.
Trick 2: Create an Excel Pivot Table in less than five minutes using these steps.
Trick 3: Use this tool for easy financial analysis.
Trick 4: Study your company's growth in Excel by using this.
Trick 5: Use data filtering to manage your accounting data.
Trick 6: Link your Excel worksheets together for easy management.
Trick 7: Use these four methods to enter your accounting data and speed up the process.
These seven tricks will ensure your Excel skills are foolproof and your company's accounting is always spot one.
For more Excel tips, tricks and advice check out the Practical Guide to Excel. It contains everything you need to know about Excel straight from the experts to you.

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Using Excel to do your Accounting? You'll never go wrong with these seven tricks
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