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Want to show your shareholders how well the company's doing? Here's an easy way to do it

by , 20 August 2014
Your shareholders want to know their investments in your company are doing well. Otherwise, they'll pull their money out of your company and that could leave your business stranded.

To avoid this, you must show them how well your company's doing and that it's growing each year. But your shareholders are busy people and they don't have time to sift through your company's accounting records.

So give them a way to quickly and easily to see how well your company's doing and we know just the tool you can use to do this...


Here's the tool you can use to show your shareholders your company's financial position

This may surprise you, but you already have this tool on your computer. It's been there the whole time just waiting for you to use to make your company's accounting and financial analysis easier.
I'm talking about Microsoft Excel. This handy programme has the ability to create easy-to-use charts that can show your company's growth and help you compare it against last year's.
You can send this to your shareholders so they can easily see how your company's finances are doing. 
Here's how you can create one.
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Here's how to create a chart in Excel to display your company's financial growth

There are different types of graph functions in Excel but the most useful is a Pivot Chart. This is an easy-to-use and format type of chart.
Here's how to create it:
Step #1: Right click on any of the data and select 'Group' from the list.
Step #2: Excel will have already selected 'Months'. You must left click on 'Years' to select it as well.
Step #3: Click 'OK'. You have now grouped your data by month and year. 
Step #4: Click on 'Pivot Chart' to display the 'Pivot Table Field List'.
This will create a graph that shows different years and their monthly growth. If you send this off to your shareholders, they can see how well their investments are doing quickly and easily.

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Want to show your shareholders how well the company's doing? Here's an easy way to do it
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