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When you fill in your company expenses, use these two tricks to make it simpler

by , 12 September 2014
Accounting is a long process. It takes time and accuracy to enter all of your expenses into the right places.

While we can't help you speed up the old pen and paper method, we can help you with your computer accounting.

In fact, we can help you speed up the process just by using two tricks. These are simple and they'll save you time whenever you do your accounting.

Read on to find out what these tricks are...


These two tricks will speed up the way you enter your company's expenses

Trick #1: Use a template
What takes the most amount of time is recreating the setup of your accounting Excel worksheets each time. This is a pointless exercise when you can just use a template. 
So create a separate Excel document that has the blank format of your accounting workbook. All you then have to do is open it, enter all the new accounting data and the click 'Save As' and give the new book a name such as 'Accounting September 2014'. That way you won't lose the blank template.
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Trick #2: Import data from other sources
If you've entered your data into one place, you shouldn't re-enter it in a different book. Simply import the data for the original source. 
It's as simple as highlighting the data. Clicking 'Copy' and then moving it to the new workbook and clicking 'Paste' in the cell you want the information in.
This way you never waste time typing the same information in over and over again.
If your accounting takes you hours to do, try use these two tricks to speed up the process. 

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When you fill in your company expenses, use these two tricks to make it simpler
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