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Why 'going digital' is the best thing you can do for your company's finances

by , 19 August 2014
If you still keep your accounting records the old fashioned way, (i.e. in paper books) you run into all sorts of problems.

The truth is the world has moved on and that means your company's accounting system must do the same. You see old books and pen entries take time and make managing your finances impossible.

But if you join the modern age of digital accounting, you reap these three benefits...


Here's what I means by the 'modern age of digital accounting'

When I talk about the modern age of digital accounting, I'm simply talking about doing your accounting on your computer.
You don't even need to go and buy an expensive and complicated computer programme for it. If you have Microsoft Office, you already have a brilliant accounting tool on your computer: Microsoft Excel.
Excel is simple enough that it won't confuse you when it comes to how to use it. And it's effective enough that you can reap these three benefits.
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These are the three benefits you can reap from doing your accounting on your computer

Benefit #1: You can save a huge amount of time because when you do your accounting on your computer you can copy, transfer, format and edit your accounting records in seconds. This is unlike the time consuming process of copying data by hand from one book to another.
Benefit #2: You can easily analyse your company's financial position because programmes such as Excel make it easy to create reports, graphs and tables that'll show you your financial position in comparison to other companies or previous years.
Benefit #3: It's much easier to control your accounting records when you have them in a digital form. You can save them in an access-controlled folder on your company share drive. This enables you to give access only to people who really need it.
When you can reap benefits like these, why would you want to use that old paper and pen accounting method anymore? So go digital today.

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Why 'going digital' is the best thing you can do for your company's finances
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