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Pssst! Here are three situations where you DON'T have to pay Capital Gains Tax

by , 11 June 2014
The general rule of thumb with tax is, if you get money, SARS wants a piece of it. That's exactly what Capital Gain Tax (CGT) is all about.

Now you may think this is a little unfair. But what you may not know is there are three situations where the law agrees.

Because of this you won't pay CGT in those three situations. If this sound too good to be true, keep reading...

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You must pay Capital Gains Tax on the disposal of an asset

The Practical Tax Loose Leaf says you'll pay tax on capital gains anytime your company sells, donates, scraps or disposes of an asset to make a profit. 
But there are situations where you'll dispose of an asset and you won't get any profit from it. In these situations it would go against Capital Gains Tax rules for SARS to demand CGT from you.
These three situations are…

Three situations where you won't pay CGT

You won't pay CGT if:
1. Your asset is stolen, lost or destroyed and you've insured it, as long as:
- The amount you receive is less than the base cost of the asset;
- You spend all the money you get on replacing the asset;
- You get the replacement asset within 12 months; and
- You start to use that replacement asset within three years.
2. You dispose of a depreciable asset and replace it. The tax is then deferred but only if:
- The original asset qualifies for a wear and tear allowance;
- You used all the money you got for the original asset to purchase a replacement;
- The contract for the replacement assets has been concluded within 12 months; and
- You've started to use the replacement asset within three years.
3. You transfer an asset to your spouse. In this situation, you just roll-over the base cost of the asset to your spouse.
Now you know you can get off tax-free if you find yourself in one of these three situations.
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Pssst! Here are three situations where you DON'T have to pay Capital Gains Tax
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