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18 Pieces of information COID expects to see in your accident report

by , 15 September 2014
If your employee has an accident at work, you need to investigate why. Then you have to complete an accident report. This document is the first step in the COID claiming process.

The Compensation Commissioner will use this report to determine whether or not he'll pay the claim. To help your employee get compensation, you need to make this report as detailed as possible.

So when you complete your accident report, ensure it has this information on it...

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COID rejects 80% of all claims! Will it reject yours?

Your accident report must have these 18 pieces of information on it to claim from COID

1. What task was your employee performing at the time of the accident? 
2. Period of experience in the task performed (years/months).
3. His occupation.
4. Was his action at the time of the accident in connection with your trade or business? (Refer the machine/process involved, whether he fell and all the factors contributing to the accident.)
5. Short description of how the accident occurred.
6. Was the accident a traffic accident on a public road?
7. Nature of injury sustained (e.g. index finger of right hand crushed).
8. Indicate if he was killed, amputated or knocked unconsciousness.
9. Are you satisfied that the employee suffered his injury in the manner he alleges?
10. If your employee had any physical defect prior to the accident, give full details about this. 
11. Did you employee get first aid?
12. Give the name of the medical practitioner/chiropractor who treated the employee. 
13. If your employee received treatment at a hospital, give name of hospital. 
14. Did your employee cause the accident through: 
a) Deliberately non-complying with directions?
b) Recklessly disregarding the terms of any law or statutory regulation designed to ensure the safety or health of employees or the prevention of accidents?
c) Acting while under the influence of liquor or drugs?
15. Name and address of anybody: 
a) Who witnessed the accident; or
b) Who was aware of the accident at the time.
16. How many other employees suffered injuries in the same accident?
17. If the SA Police investigated the accident, give name of Police Station and docket number applicable.
18. If motor vehicles were involved, give registration number/s.
Make sure your accident report has all of these details when you submit it to COID or the Commissioner will reject the claim.

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18 Pieces of information COID expects to see in your accident report
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