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5 steps to follow to ensure the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases (COID) offices receive your incident reports

by , 04 April 2013
We all know how frustrating and challenging government departments can be. You're expected to send them your legal documents on time but then you never hear back from them.

You start to doubt whether you've sent it to the right addresses or if it's somehow been lost in the post.

When it comes to reporting your incidents to the Compensation Commissioner and submitting your claim forms, timing is everything!

Here's a question from my Health and Safety Helpdesk that I know is giving you sleepless nights...

Did you know that if you employ even one worker, you must comply with this legislation?
Did you know that if you hire contractors to work on your site or at your workplace that this legislation also applies to you?
If you don't comply with the COID Act you could end up facing criminal prosecution.
Marie has sent all her incident reports to COID. What can she do to ensure that they receive them?
Marie wrote in because she's been having trouble getting a hold of the compensation commissioner's  office find out if they've received her incident reports at work.
She posted her forms but she's worried it may not have reached them because she hasn't received any communication from them.
She wants to know how to contact them and how she can know for sure that they're receiving her incident reports.
Here's the answer from Nell Brown, our Health and Safety Helpdesk expert
Nell recommends that you:
  1. Visit https://www.labour.gov.za/contacts and you'll find the details of the provincial office nearest to you.
  2. Fax through the accident report forms with a cover letter.
  3. Send the original completed documents by registered mail.
  4. Keep copies of everything you send to the Department so that you have proof you've fulfilled your legal obligation.
  5. Follow up on your submission in 14 days to obtain a claim number. Remember to keep this number safe as it is also proof that they've received your documents.
If you don't get service from your local provincial office, report the matter in writing to the head office.
I'm sure you'll find this advice on submitting your COID documents helpful.
Until next time,
Stay safe.
Kerusha Narothan
P.S. Find out how to investigate health and safety incidents in 9 easy steps to ensure your incident reports are submitted correctly here.

P.P.S. Remember you can also get your questions answered and answer other people's questions - all you have to do is register on the Health and Safety Club, its FREE

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5 steps to follow to ensure the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases (COID) offices receive your incident reports
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