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Breaking news: COID may soon cover Domestic Workers

by , 11 September 2014
The Compensation for Occupational Injury or Disease Act (COIDA) enables most workers to get compensation for work related injuries.

The Act doesn't cover all types of employees though. Domestic workers are one such type of employees.
But this may be about to change.

There's talk coming from Government that they may revise the Act to include domestic workers.

Here's how this will affect you...


Here's how this possible change to COIDA will affect you

Up until now, you only had to worry about getting compensation for your general employees. Meanwhile, your office Domestic Worker may suffer from serious back strain caused by her work. 
If this is the case, she may need medical attention, so shouldn't she get compensation from COID to cover this? 
Currently she can't but that may be about to change. 
The Minister of Labour, Mildred Oliphant, said government has held a number of public hearings to review the laws and appeal to domestic workers to participate. 
Government hasn't put this change into effect yet but if it does, this is what it means for your business.
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Here's what you'll need to do if this COID rule changes

You'll need to include your Domestic Worker in your Statement of Earnings. If she then reports a work related injury to you, you can approach COID to get her compensation. 
This process will be the same as claiming for any of your other employees and you'll still need to file an accident report and doctor's reports, along with all the other documents. 
Your Domestic Worker deserves access to compensation the way other employees do. So keep your ears open for more news on this topic and keep reading FSPBusiness.co.za where we'll keep you updated.

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Breaking news: COID may soon cover Domestic Workers
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