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Can you claim from COID if an employee is diagnosed with Tuberculosis?

by , 15 January 2014
Do you know if you can claim from COID if one of your employees is diagnosed with Tuberculosis? Read on to see what our Health and Safety Expert has to say...

Dear Health and Safety Readers

One of our Health and Safety readers recently asked a very interesting question about a Compensation for Occupational Illness and Diseases (COID) claim. One of his employees, who works in an open plan office, has Tuberculosis (TB). And among other questions raised, one was if he can submit a claim to COID… Do you know the answer to this?

Read on to see what our Health and Safety Advisor expert, Wilna Malan-Louw, has to say…


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Is TB a work related disease?

Firstly, TB isn't a work related disease, but a disease that relates to social interaction. This means you can't get TB as a direct result from the work you do in a normal office workplace. Ie. Except for out of hospital and medical laboratory environments. An example of a work related disease is losing your hearing from working in a noisy factory.  

The chances of you catching TB in the average office workplace that has good ventilation and sufficient workspace is possible but not very likely. You need to live very close to a person with TB to catch it. Usually TB spreads to family members.

Read on for the answer if you can claim from COID…

So, can you claim from COID if an employee gets TB?

We can now see that it's unlikely you can catch TB in an open plan workplace. So, COID won't accept a TB related claim (except in a medical clinic etc. environment) as it isn't work related. So, the simple answer to our readers question is no, you can't submit a claim to COID for TB if you work in a suitable office environment.

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Until next time,

Louise Harty
Senior Product Manager: Health and Safety

PS – Turn to chapter I02: Incidents: Reporting and claiming from COID in your Health and Safety Advisor for all you ever need to know about COID. Click here if you don't have the Health and Safety Advisor.

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Can you claim from COID if an employee is diagnosed with Tuberculosis?
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