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Claim from COID in just six steps

by , 21 August 2014
Claiming compensation from COID doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, once you familiarise yourself with how to do it, it's actually quite easy. There are fewer steps and forms than most employers think.

The truth is you can get through the whole process in six, or less, steps. This is good news for you and your employee. Because it means you don't have to waste time with admin and your employee can get his compensation sooner.

So don't let the COID claiming process get you all confused and flustered. Just follow these six steps and get it done in no time...


Follow these six steps to get your COID claim done in no time

These six steps start the moment your employee's accident happens.
Step 1: Send your employee to the doctor and tell him to get a detailed doctor's report of all his injuries and how long he'll be off from work to recover.
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Step 2: Report the accident to COID using a W.CL.1 form for illness or a W.CL.2 for injuries. Include the Medical Report (W.CL.4) with the report to initiate your claim from COID.
Step 3: Receive and file the W.CL. 55 you get back from the Compensation Commissioner. You mustn't lose this as it has your claim reference number on it. 
Step 4: Wait to see if the compensation fund will approve or reject the claim. You'll get a W.CL.56 from COID to give you this information.
Step 5: When your employee returns to work, submit a Resumption Report to COID. This is a W.CL.6.
Now your claim process may stop there and you won't have to deal with COID until the next accident happens. But, if your employee has to have further medical attention or take more time off, there's one more step.
Step 6: You must send your employee back to the doctor and he must get a Progress Report and Final Medical Report. You must submit this (W.CL.5) to reopen your COID claim and get further compensation for your employee.
There you have it. There's really no need to get confused or flustered by this process. Just ensure you keep copies of all of these documents. 

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Claim from COID in just six steps
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