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COID is there to help your employees, but only if you do your part first

by , 30 July 2014
Accidents happen. They happen even if you've done everything you can to prevent them.

But when these accidents happen and cause injuries that stop your employees from working, what do you do?

This is where The Compensation for Occupational Injury and Disease Act (COIDA) comes in. But you can't just call up the Compensation Commissioner and demand he gives your employee compensation. You must do your bit first...

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Here's the role you must play in getting compensation for your employees

The first thing you need to do before you can start asking for compensation for your employees is register. 
You can't demand anything from COID if you don't. So do your bit and get your W.As.2 COID registration form from www.labour.gov.co.za
This is a once off process that you must do even if you only have one employee.
But that's not all you need to do before your employees can access workers' compensation. 

Here are the two things you must do each year to ensure your employees are compensated

Each year in March, you must submit your statement of earnings. This outlines how much you pay each of your employees.
The Compensation Commissioner uses this statement to work out how much compensation each employee should get.  Without this, your employee might not get enough.
The next thing you must do is pay your yearly COID assessment tariff. This is an admin cost that covers the Commissioner's assessment of your business. 
The Compensation Fund needs these tariffs to continue running.
So before you expect COID to pay out anything to your employees ensure you do your bit and get these three things done!
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Your 1 527 health and safety duties as an employer

When was the last time you checked what disinfecting agents and cleaning materials your company uses? 

Do you comply with the Hazardous Chemical Regulations? 

There are over 1 500 items you must evaluate in your workplace according to the OHS Act and hundreds more from SABS 0400: National Building regulations. 

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COID is there to help your employees, but only if you do your part first
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