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COID will deny your employee's injury claim in these two situations

by , 10 September 2014
The Compensation for Occupational Injury and Disease Act (COIDA) enables your employees to get compensation for any injuries on duty. To do that, he'll review their claims and then decide whether to pay it or not.

But he denies more claims than you realise. And all too often, employees need compensation for an injury and don't get it.

But there are reasons for this.

Read on to discover two situations when COID will deny your employee compensation and why...


Here's the first situation when COID won't pay compensation

If your employee has an injury because of an accident he caused, COID won't pay. Any time the accident is your employee's fault, COID will deny the claim.
The reason for this is without this rule; it's too easy for employees to hurt themselves on purpose just to get compensation benefits. 
If you suspect your employee is trying to do this, you need to step in and do something about it because your employee won't get compensation if COID finds out he caused his accident. 
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This is the second situation when COID won't pay 

If you don't submit the correct forms for the claim, it's likely that the Commissioner will reject it. This is because it's a legal requirement to submit all the right documents such as an accident report and medical reports. 
You need to be very careful during the claiming process to ensure you follow it correctly. If you don't your employee's compensation may fall into your hands. 
There are seven COID forms you must know about during this process. 
If either of these situations happen to your employee, he'll end up without any compensation, so do whatever you can to ensure it doesn't.

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COID will deny your employee's injury claim in these two situations
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