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Do you need to report it if your casual labourer hurts himself on the job?

by , 03 July 2014
We've talked about COID and your permanent employees. We've discussed COID and your contractor. We've looked at reporting fatal and non-fatal accidents.

By now it all seems pretty clear, but have you thought about that casual labourer you hired to clean your windows?

Is he your employee too? In the eyes of the DoL and COID, he is.

So here's what you need to know about reporting your casual labourer's accident...

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You must protect your casual labourers from accidents too

Here in South Africa, it's a common sight to see men on the street with signs for services. 
From painters to window cleaners, plumbers and more, all you need to do is drive down the road to find someone.
These people will work for you, at most, a week, depending on the job. 
According to workplaceinfo.com, the definition of this kind of 'casual labour' is when someone works at the demand of an employer. 
And that means you 'employ' this person for as long as you need their services. During that time, he's your employee. And that means he has rights under the Compensation For Occupational Injuries And Diseases Act.
So what must you do if he has an injury at work?
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If your casual labourer has an accident, you must report it

According to the Health and safety Advisor, your casual labourer is entitled to COID benefits. This means you must get a W.CL.2 COID form from the DoL or www.labour.gove.co.za and complete it.
And you need to do this even if it's a non-fatal accident.
So ensure you register your business with COID and report all workplace accidents, even those involving casual labourers.

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